How does AMALYZE calculate the search volume?


You will see the search volume for keywords in every result list, that gives you keywords as results


We use AI models which are recalculated and trained for each day and marketplace using the data available to us.

The results of these AI models currently give a hit accuracy of 89% – 93% compared to the verification data. Using this models, we are able to take current trends, such as Father’s Day or the introduction of new Apple products ant the associated search volume, into account.

You can also find the explanation as a tooltip if you move your mouse over the column “Search volume”

Data comparability

At AMALYZE, we understand that comparability and data quality are very important to you as a user. We will gladly give you the chance to compare our data. You can simply use the data from Amazon’s Brand Analytics.

In the end, the Brand Analytics show you a ranking of the keywords. This ranking says the following: The keyword with a ranking of 1 was searched for more often than the other keywords for the selected period.

If you now compare the search volume data from the same period, the keyword with the rank 1 should also have the highest search volume

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