What are the key metrics of my category? – Category Insights


The category insights give you an executive overview of the most important features of the best-selling products in the category.

We analyze the occurrences of the products, and we put this value in relation to the sales.

These correlations analyzations make it possibly, to quickly identify which products with which characteristic are over- or under-represented

Choose marketplace

Select the marketplace whose category you want to analyze

Category selection

Now, you can enter the name of the category you would like to analyze. Afterwards, select the correct path from the drop-down menu and click on “Submit”

Alternatively, you can also use the browser node ID for the search


After you have sent the query, you will now get a complete category evaluation. Among other things, you can see how many products a brand or seller has listed and which brand or seller makes the most sales. You can find more data in the different tabs


For example, if you want to see the products of a seller, which are currently viewed in the evaluation, then simply click on the seller name.

The same is true for brand names, and for all the widgets where you can click on the names, corridors, keywords, etc. and they are colored blue

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