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Our Reverse Lookup returns the search terms for which the ASINs you entered rank organically within the search results


You can include all variants of an ASIN in the search by simply setting the slider to “Yes”


In the Reverse Lookup, you will find 3 widgets. These not only show the number of keywords for which the ASINs rank, but also the cumulative search volume of the keywords and the share of revenue

After you refine the search, the widgets will adjust. In this example, we have only displayed keywords that have a search volume of at least 1000. As you can see from the widget, there are only 35 keywords left

It can also be seen that the 35 keywords in total account for just under 50% of the search volume of all keywords and account for just under 62% of revenue

More actions

You can perform other actions by clicking on the three dots icon next to a keyword

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