What does the Searchvolume, Frequency & Buying Power widgets mean in a listing builder project?

Where to find

You will find the three widgets whenever you open a Listing Builder project

Functionality widgets

These widgets refer to the “available keywords”. In this example, we have 4 keywords in the Available Keywords, 2 of which we have already used in the title. The widgets now show us the following:

1.) In the search volume widget, you can see that the 4 keywords have a total search volume of 49,442. Since we have only included 2 keywords, we cover only 8,348 (17%) with them

2.) In the Frequency widget, you can see how many of the available keywords you have already used. In this example, 2 of 4, so 50%

3.) In the Buying Power widget, you can see the buying power of the available keywords and how much you already cover with the keywords used in the content. In this case the sum is 429,247 and with the two keywords we cover 57,442, that is 13%

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