How to add more keywords to a Listing Builder project?


First, you will have click in the menu on “Optimization”

Listing Builder

Now select the “Listing Builder” tool


Select the Listing Builder project, which you would like to change, and click the name of the project

Manage available keywords

Go to the Content Tab. Click the three-dot icon on the left-hand side of your “Available Keywords” which you can find above your keyword list

Add more keywords

Manually enter keywords

Select “Edit available keywords”. A new window will appear. Please enter the keywords you want to add, one below the other, and click “apply”

Make sure that you do not accidentally include a space when entering the keywords manually. Otherwise, the keywords will be applied the same way as they were entered. Including the space

Using keyword lists

Go to “Add from list” and select the list of keywords you want to import by clicking on the name of the list

If you don’t know how to create a keyword list yet, you can find the article here: How to create a keyword list?

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