How to adjust my table?

Number of displayed rows

You have the option, to set the displayed results per page. Just click on the following icon above a result table

Configure table

You can configure the table to show or hide some columns for example

Simply drag and drop the columns to show or hide them. You can also customize the sorting of the columns. From left to right corresponds to visible columns from the top to bottom

More actions for product columns

Click on the icon of the three dots to perform more actions for the columns of products

Configure View

Click on “Configure view”, to set the product information to be displayed in the column


Go to “Columns”

Pin & unpin columns

To be able to scroll to the right in the results with the column being fixated, you can pin or unpin columns

Show & hide variations

You can hide single or all variants for only the Parent ASIN to be shown, with the average or cumulated data of the single variants

Sort variations

You can sort the variants of a variant structure in such a way, that for example, the variants with the highest visibility are displayed in the far left

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