How to get the Amazon Auto-Suggests?

Browser Extension Keyword

First, click on “Keywords”




You can select the marketplace for which you want to have the suggestions


Now you must enter the search term for which you want to have the auto suggests for


You can also set the main category. The auto suggests can be different from category to category, even though you are querying the same keyword


You must now set the level

If you want to find out more about the levels, see the following post: What does the level in the keyword AMALYZER mean?

Keyword type

You can decide, if you would like to get the results for the exact entry of your keyword, or if you would also like to receive the auto-suggests for keyword in which the search term appears as a part of a word


Click on “Submit” to get the results


Word Cloud

In this word cloud, all words from the auto suggests are shown. The larger the word in the cloud, the higher the word frequency of the corresponding word in the suggestions


In this tab you will find all the keywords from the auto suggests. The higher the score, the more often the keyword appears in the auto suggests

Just because a keyword has a score of 100%, it does not mean that the keyword appears in all auto-suggests. It just means, that it is the most common one


Here, all keywords from auto-suggests were split into individual words. We count the frequency of the individual words within the keywords, and display them


Of course, you have the possibility to download the results as well

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